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vendredi 12 mai 2017

Against pesticides, use ladybugs in your gardens

Without waiting for the prohibition of pesticides in private gardens in 2019, the inhabitants of Caen (Calvados) snatch every Friday from the ladybugs, eating aphids, distributed free by the municipality. An initiative dating from 1984 that the City of Paris launches in turn this Saturday. Reportage in Normandy.

"This year, it does not stop," said Bertrand Forget, the municipal agent who distributes nearly 200 cans of ladybird eggs every Friday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am with an uninterrupted flow of amateur gardeners with fiber plus or Less ecologist, in Caen (Calvados). "Every year, we have aphids. Until now, we were dealing. But then, with the ban on pesticides ... We'll see if it works. And for the children, it's educational, "says Lætitia, a 35-year-old maternal assistant.

"I'm sick of my roses being damaged by chemicals"

Nearly 2,000 cans of ladybird eggs and 500 eggs of chrysopes, small green flies, are thus offered each year by this garden of plants in Normandy, from April to July. The chrysopes are more voracious than the ladybirds and they crunch aphids as well as mites or mealybugs but they are more difficult to raise. Each box contains two to three rose bushes one meter high, depending on the municipal garden.

"I'm sick of my roses being damaged by the chemicals that bleach leaves," said Delphine, 39, who plans to anticipate the ban on pesticides. The regulars, many in the queue, assure that the beast to good god is effective. "It takes a little time to deposit, but it's great," says Éric, 61, who has been looking for ladybirds from Colleville-Montgomery, a town 15 kilometers from Caen. "That's great. I've been looking for ladybugs for three years. It is more effective than the black soap I used before. This is really the ideal, "adds Annie, 77, who came for her balcony.

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