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lundi 15 mai 2017

Portugal wins Eurovision contest for the first time

The crooner Salvador Sobral, awaiting a heart transplant, succeeded Ukrainian singer Jamala on Saturday 13 May.

This is a first for Portugal. Its representative won the 62nd Eurovision competition on the night of Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 May in Kiev, ahead of Bulgaria and Moldova. Salvador Sobral, a 27-year-old crooner waiting for a heart transplant due to severe heart failure, moved the millions of viewers of the European music show with his melancholy jazzy piece "Amar Pelos Dois" ).
"It's a victory for music, for people who make music, who really wants to say something," the young artist reacted with long black hair and a sparse beard. "Music is not fireworks, it's feelings, let's try to change that and come back to music because that's what matters. "
Portugal had never exceeded sixth place. "When we are very good, we are the best of the best. Congratulations to Salvador Sobral, "wrote President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, in a message addressed to the 27-year-old vocalist.
The country succeeds Ukraine, first in 2016 after a very political duel with Russia, thanks to the singer Jamala and her ballad evoking the persecutions suffered in Soviet times by the Crimean Tatars, peninsula Ukraine annexed by Russia in 2014.

Without disrupting the glitter of this monument dedicated to glamor and kitsch for more than sixty years, the death of four civilians near the front line forced the Ukrainian president to cancel his arrival at the festival. Petro Poroshenko reminded that the competition was a "very important event", which was to offer the world another face of his country bruised by three years of a war that killed over 10,000 people.

Russian candidate forbidden entry

Portugal has emerged in the very last hours as the darling of punters to win the competition. He overshadowed the other favorite, Italian Francesco Gabbani, who came in to a disappointing sixth place as he seduced the bookmakers with his tragic "Occidentali's karma", played next to a dancer disguised as a gorilla, Mascot many fans.
The candidate of Bulgaria Kristian Kostov, only 17 years old, almost created surprise when coming second. Born in Moscow and participating in Russian tele-hooks, he had also been in the Crimea since the annexation, but he had been allowed to compete because he was then only 14 years old.

Opened by Israel, the highlight of the show was given by France, who hoped for her first success since Marie Myriam and "L'oiseau et l'enfant", in 1977. Alma, a 28-year-old singer, ranked 12th with " Requiem ", in which she slipped a few words in English to conquer the public of Eurovision.

The tensions between Moscow and Kiev were again invited this year in the competition. The Russian candidate Yulia Samoilova, who moves in a wheelchair, was banned from entering by the Ukrainian authorities for singing in the Crimea. This decision led to Russia's refusal to broadcast the event, and to the exclusion of the country.

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