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lundi 15 mai 2017

Snapchat would be valued between "$ 16 billion and $ 19 billion"

The company was valued at $ 10 billion at the beginning of the year. Over the past few months, Snapchat has incorporated new features.

Snapchat, the popular messaging service for exchanging ephemeral photos, is preparing a new round that could value it from 16 to 19 billion dollars, say the Financial Times and New York Times.
The deal should allow the company to raise up to $ 500 million, the NYT adds, quoting a person close to the negotiations.
If it were to succeed, the value of the company would have virtually doubled in one year, since its last fundraising was on the order of $ 10 billion.
 22, 40 OR 45 BILLION
The company, founded in 2011 by three Stanford University students, is among the top-ranked start-ups in the world, alongside US specialist Uber ($ 40 billion) and manufacturer Chinese multifunction phones Xiaomi ($ 45 billion).
Over the past few months, Snapchat has incorporated new features like advertisements into its messages, Discover, for media such as CNN, ESPN or National Geographic, or money transfers with Square. The valuation of Snapchat would be similar to that of WhatsApp, the email service acquired last year by Facebook for nearly $ 22 billion.

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