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lundi 15 mai 2017

What to do following a burglary?

Getting home and realizing that one has been robbed is never an easy thing to live with. Yet even if the ordeal is difficult to overcome it is very important to keep cool and take things in hand without waiting to avoid more serious consequences. Here are some tips to follow to find out how to react after a burglary at your home.

Do not touch anything

Even if your intimacy has been violated and you have only one desire: to erase all traces of this dramatic incident, it should not especially. It is important not to store or touch objects by leaving the place in the same condition as you found them. The reason is simple, you could erase traces or clues that will be very valuable to the gendarmes and the police who will come to you to make a finding of burglary. Do not throw objects that have been broken because your insurance can reimburse you, depending on your contract.

Contact your insurance

The second thing to do within 48 hours after the incident, contact your insurance company to inform them of the burglary that took place at your place. First of all, you can simply call your advisor and make sure that you have a guarantee against theft (this is stipulated on your insurance contract). Once your insurance has been notified, you will need to write a letter describing the burglary in full and detailed form, in the form of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Think about changing or having your door repaired

This is not the first thing you think about after a burglary, but it is very important to change or simply to have your door repaired. Consider asking your insurance company who may possess a network of professional locksmiths who can then take over the replacement or repair of your front door. On the contrary, it will be up to you to contact a professional locksmith as soon as possible in order to change your lock vandalized during the break-in.

By involving a professional and trusted locksmith, you may also consider making your door secure to avoid this kind of incident. It is advisable to opt for a three-point lock that will deter burglars from entering your home. Also consider a door lock that will prove very useful for securing your home and interior. Finally, in the future, you can also opt for an efficient and high-quality alarm system for you to leave without fear. Do not hesitate to ask professionals to make the best choice.

Opposition on all your means of payment

During the burglary, your credit card or checkbook may have been stolen. It is very important then to oppose these means of payment by contacting your banking organization by telephone.

 Also be sure to check that there is no missing check in your notebook because some thieves prefer to take only a few to avoid arousing suspicion and therefore that you oppose.